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+ What if they were the single greatest clues to finding out what you’re here on this planet to do?

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Jessica Depatie

Shadow Work Educator, Podcaster

Jessica is a shadow work educator and intuitive guide who helps people live with alignment and resolve to create inner fulfillment and outer contentment.

She advises service-oriented humans who are drawn to expanding their consciousness and tapping into their intuition.

Every time I’ve worked with Jessica, it’s been absolutely life shifting. Her ability to hold a safe space so that I can explore my own inner world is unlike anyone I’ve worked with. Not only does she help me see my own unconscious patterns but she walks me through the process of transforming those patterns so that they work for me, rather than against me. I could not recommend working with Jessica enough!
Rick Alexander
Working with Jessica has been nothing short of life-changing. Something that especially stands out for me is a one-on-one session I had with Jess. For over a year I had been trying to let go of some profound emotional pain, and to get myself unstuck and move forward, without much success. This session was a magic miracle in my life. I immediately felt my pain alleviate, and a strong sense of peace, trust, and acceptance has been restored in regards to this situation ever since.
Jessica S., Deeper Access Session

1:1 Shadow Work

Explore your unique Activation Sequence 1:1 with Jessica Depatie. She will guide you through your 4 Prime Gifts and 4 Shadow States that are the essence of your life’s work, your purpose, what makes you radiant, and your life’s most consistent challenge.

No spots are available for this 8-week program at the moment but click the button below to get on the waitlist!


Get a “Deeper Access” Session

Jessica will take you into your subconscious space to identify and dissolve hidden blocks and shadows.

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Intuition Training

A 6-week live and interactive online program designed to develop and strengthen your intuition.

Enrollment is now open. Start date: March 2, 2022.

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Cosmic Coaching

There are many answers we can get from the cosmos.

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After my deep dive into The Shadow Work Library Podcast, I was really intrigued to hear about Jessica’s recent workshop on Intuition and signed up right away. Her calming, lighthearted, and inclusive presence was felt through the screen, and I have some helpful tools and takeaways to work with on my own. I look forward to working on tapping into a voice that I’ve been unknowingly silencing for a long time.

Sarah A., Intuition Workshop Attendee

Workshop: How to Access Your Intuition

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I always had trusted my intuition. Naturally, I am very observant and pay a lot of attention to details. So I’m always able to connect the dots and know when stuff is going to happen before it happens. But I never really knew how to tap into my intuition. Rick and Jessica’s workshop brings a lot of helpful and useful practices to connect with your higher self, as well as the philosophy behind it. Definitely recommended to anyone wishing to explore this beautiful gift!
Daniel C., Intuition Workshop Attendee

I have learned so much about myself thanks to Jessica’s extensive knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Her practices are delivered in such a way that honours the deep and the dark, while simultaneously allowing the light to shine in. The journey of self-discovery has become an intriguing, fun, and enjoyable process. Working with Jessica has really been the catalyst in learning to embrace my intuition, and in finding levels of understanding, acceptance, and compassion for myself that I never believed would be possible for me. Whether you are curious to learn more about your personal patterns, or are feeling as lost and stuck as I did when I began this journey, do yourself the biggest favour you will ever do and start working with Jessica. Your present self deserves it, and your future self will thank you for it.

Jessica S., Grace & Grit

The workshop was awesome. [Jessica] is a very talented and insightful lightworker. The intuition calibration was especially helpful; hearing from the other participants what they were feeling helped me to ground myself and connect. [She] has given me techniques and an understanding that I could not have gotten anywhere else. Some workshops can give an overwhelming amount of information, but this one had just the right amount; the whole experience was useful. I walked away with a sense of calm, focus, and alignment. It didn’t make me feel anxious. As somebody trying to find myself spiritually, the workshop held a lot of value because I now have a better understanding of my own intuition as well as some techniques to practice daily.

Jody Z., Intuition Workshop Attendee

I really enjoyed the workshop. It’s a contender for the best Zoom workshop I’ve been to. This workshop reminded me how to access the gentle power of that special place you can get to when you really slow things down, and gave me a new skill to practice once I got there. Would highly recommend it.

Rich K., Intuition Workshop Attendee

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