On this episode, we’re chatting with Jenelle Annette on attachment theory and using romantic relationship as a container for self-growth.

We discuss:

  • Attachment theory where you can learn if you have anxious, avoidant or secure patterning in your relationships
  • Women’s circles and how these gatherings can create the perfect container for shadow work and self-acceptance
  • Jenelle’s method to navigate projection and self-rejection
  • Inner child practices to release deep stories
  • The power of visualization and somatic work
  • Romantic relationship patterning

Enjoy the show!

Jessica Depatie

Music: Gajumaru by Yaima

Resources mentioned:

  • Self-secure Method: Create healthy relationships begin with a secure sense of self (women’s group) https://www.instagram.com/jenelleannette/?hl=en
  • Wild Awakened Women: Connect to your wild, sensual, untamable power (women’s group) https://wild-awakened-women.mn.co/
  • Mark Wolynn’s Trauma Therapist Program: https://www.thetraumatherapistproject.com/

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Jessica Depatie

jessica depatie

Jessica is a Shadow Work Educator and Gene Keys Guide. She helps people align with who they really are. Follow her at: @jessicadepatie_

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