On this episode, we’re chatting with Sex, Love and Communication Coach, Ashley Mays.

Disclaimer: Use of strong language and obviously we chat about sex.

We discuss:

  • Finding out your sexual love language and the shadow sides of each type
  • The dilemma of being too orgasm-focused
  • How to work with the different phases of your mensural cycle.
  • How to do what Ashley calls sex magic either solo or with your partner to put more energy behind your intentions – RAGE! And how to navigate this intense emotion

Enjoy the show!

Jessica Depatie

* Correction: In orthodox Jewish marriage, 12 days out of each month sex and touch are forbidden. Five days of menstruation and seven days after.

Music: Gajumaru by Yaima

Resources mentioned:

  • Take the Erotic Blueprint quiz: https://s.surveyanyplace.com/eroticblueprint%20
  • Ashley Mays’ IG: https://www.instagram.com/ashley.d.mays
  • Wild Awakened Women’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/wild_awakened_women

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Jessica Depatie

jessica depatie

Jessica is a Shadow Work Educator and Gene Keys Guide. She helps people align with who they really are. Follow her at: @jessicadepatie_

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